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The EU Blue Card was created to allow highly qualified professionals from non-EU countries to access the German labour market more easily.

You will find below a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the EU Blue Card for Germany:


What is the Blue Card EU?

As an industrial nation that also happens to be one of the biggest exporters of goods and services worldwide, Germany is in constant need for highly qualified university graduates and trained professionals.

The so-called EU Blue Card enables third country nationals to access the German labor market smoothly. It is initially granted over a period of 4 years or for the duration of a German employment contract concluded between the applicant and a German employer.


What are the advantages?

The Blue Card offers several advantages compared to regular residence permits. Holders of the Blue Card who demonstrate good German language skills, can be granted a permanent and non-restricted residence permit (settlement permit) after a period of only 21 months (please note that normally it will be 33 months).

Holders of a German Blue Card will be granted the Blue Card of another EU member state more easily, after a considerably simplified process.

Additionally, family members, spouses and children of Blue Card holders are entitled to a residence permit under relaxed requirements, including an unrestricted working permit.


Who is entitled to a Blue Card EU?

§19a Aufenthaltsgesetz (German Residence Act) specifies the requirements that must be met to obtain a Blue Card. The Blue Card is granted for the purpose of pursuing an occupation that requires highly qualified skills. The applicant must hold  a university level degree that either has been issued by a German university or is recognised as an equivalent to such.


What are the requirements?

Applicants shall provide the following documents:

  • A degree from a German university or a degree that has been recognised as equivalent to such
  • A valid employment contract or a reliable job offer for a highly skilled job
  • Evidence for an annual gross income of at least € 50,800.00 (state: 2017). However, an exception will be made for occupational fields where there is a shortage of skilled labour. Applicants of the following occupations will have to provide evidence of an annual gross income of € 39,624.00 (state: 2017) only:
    • Natural scientists
    • Mathematicians
    • Engineers
    • Medical Doctors
    • Trained professionals in information technologies and communication technologies

Additionally, the approval of the German Federal Labour Office is required in these cases.

  • If a certain permission to practise is required in order to work in a certain occupational field (such as medicine and engineering), this permission will have to be acquired as well.


Are there further requirements?

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, the general visa requirements will have to be met

  • Proof that the applicant’s means of subsistence are covered
  • Possession of a valid passport or substitute passport
  • Proof of identity
  • Absence of reason for deportation
  • Entry into the German state territory took place under a valid entry visa


How can we help you?

Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte (attorneys at law) offer competent support and legal advice during the whole application and issuing process of the EU Blue Card. We will take care of the extensive administrative procedures involved in order to make sure the application process goes as smoothly as possible and there are no delays. On request our services include, among other things, the following:

  • We will lead you through the application process to make sure that all necessary forms and documents are submitted on time and in the required format.
  • We will accompany you and will be present during appointments with the immigration authorities in charge.
  • We will support your family members, spouses and children in obtaining a residence permit.
  • We will lead you through the process of extending your Blue Card or while applying for the Blue Card of another EU-member-state.
  • We will assist you in applying for a settlement permit and lead you through the whole process from this application to the issue of the permit.


How much do our services cost?

The cost of our assistance depends on the services requested. On your request, we will make a non-binding, customised offer for the specific EU Blue Card services demanded.


Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte (attorneys at law) consists of a team of experienced lawyers who specialise in immigration law, labour law and contract law. We will assist you throughout the whole application and acquisition process for your EU Blue Card in order to help you to settle down in Germany. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Free initial assessment of eligibility

With this offer, we want to ensure that we only accept mandates that can meet the requirements for the process. Are you unsure or do you have remaining questions? Our lawyers for Business Immigration Germany will be happy to help you.
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