Border Crossing Certificate

Border Crossing Certificate

Making it easy to employ cross-border commuters.

A border crossing certificate (Grenzgängerkarte) is a residence permit for cross-border commuters provided by § 12 Aufenthaltsverordnung (the Residence Ordinance).

Cross-border commuters are citizens of third countries who work in Germany but reside in a neighboring third country.

This makes it possible for your company to hire someone to work in Germany who is not an EU citizen but has got a residence permit in a bordering country.

A border-crossing certificate allows its holder to enter and stay in Germany – as well as work or study within the specified limits and still keep their residence and residence permit in the adjacent state.

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Frequently asked questions regarding Border Crossing Permits

  • Third country nationals living with their EU citizen spouse or life partner who, without being a cross-border commuter, has transferred their residence from Germany to another neighbouring state,
  • Third country nationals who fulfil all other requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Germany for the exercise of employment
  • Third country nationals living together with their German spouse or life partner,
  • Third country nationals living together with their spouse or life partner who is an EU citizen and who, as a cross-border commuter, pursues gainful employment in Germany

The application must be addressed to the responsible authority. If, for example, the employment is to be carried out in Berlin because the business is located there, the application must be submitted to the Immigration Authority in Berlin.

The application for a border-crossing certificate must include the following:

  • the application form
  • a passport with valid right of residence in the neighboring state
  • two biometric passport photographs
  • if applicable, further documents

Furthermore it is necessary to hand in one of the following:

  • proof of studies (certificate of registration),
  • proof of family relationship,
  • proof of employment,
It is valid for two years. Extensions are possible as long as the requirements remain fulfilled.

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