Professional Recognition Germany

Professional Recognition Germany

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The shortage of skilled professionals in Germany makes the recognition of foreign professional qualifications a very current and essential topic. This is also proven by the 422,000 professional recognition applications filed since 2012.

The main objective of professional recognition is to make it possible for foreign workers that want to work in Germany to have their professional qualifications checked for equivalency to a German reference occupation. If you are looking to work in Germany or are looking to hire workers from third countries, professional recognition may be of significant interest to you.  

Legal Framework for Professional Recognition in Germany

Although lawmakers in Germany have been trying to harmonize the recognition procedure, it remains a legally complicated topic. First, it should be noted that not every profession requires recognition. Jobs such as Business economist, computer scientist or baker do not need to be recognized. However, it can still be done voluntarily and thus increase the chances of getting a job and negotiating a higher salary. The professions requiring professional recognition have to be separated into jobs regulated by federal or state law. A large part of the professional recognition procedures is regulated by the Federal Recognition Law of 2012 (Anerkennungsgesetz). Federally regulated professions are especially ones in the health sector like doctors, nurses or pharmacists, as well as jobs in the manual craft field. State-regulated jobs are, for example, teachers, engineers or childcare workers. They do not fall under the federal recognition law but are ruled by specific state laws.

Procedures under the Federal Recognition Law

With the enactment of the Federal Recognition Law of 2012 (Anerkennungsgesetz), the application field of the EU directive concerning professional recognition from 2005 got a lot wider, allowing non-EU nationals from third countries to be able to get their qualifications checked as well. Professional recognition can be sought regardless of nationality and place of residence. So, you can apply for it from a third country and do not need to be in Germany. Requirements are that you have the foreign qualification and documents that prove that. The authorities will then examine whether the qualification is comparable to a German qualification. Work experience can also be considered. This process can take up to three months. The result is either that the qualification is equal to a German qualification or that there are essential differences. These differences can usually be settled by participating in lectures, further education classes, or obtaining additional qualifications.

It should be noted that the procedure of professional recognition is not a visa. It is, however, presumed when you are planning to immigrate to Germany under the Skilled Immigration Act.

Benefits of Professional Recognition

Studies concerning the effectiveness of professional recognition have shown that successfully recognizing your qualification can increase your salary to an average of € 860 a month and that 9/10 people who have their qualification recognized are now employed in Germany. Furthermore, applicants can apply for financial aid in the amount of up to € 600 for costs relating to the application.

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