Entrepreneur Visa Germany

Entrepreneur Visa Germany

Learn how to move to Germany and start a business there.

Section 21 of the German Residence Act allows foreign nationals to move to Germany to start or move a business there. The section differentiates between freelancers (Freiberufler) and self-employed entrepreneurs (Gewerbetreibende).

The following information focuses on the latter: immigrating to Germany as a self-employed entrepreneur.

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Advantages and Challenges of Starting a Business in Germany

There are many advantages to founding a business in Germany, such as:

  • A strong and growing economy and commitment to innovation,
  • Germany has the largest consumer market and economy in the EU with a high purchasing power,
  • e-commerce is increasingly profitable, with 95% of all households having internet access,
  • Good Infrastructure makes the transport of goods easy and efficient,
  • Germany offers a strong and growing start-up culture and many networking events,
  • The political situation is generally stable in comparison to many other countries,
  • There are strong laws for the protection of intellectual property,
  • Since it is a country of immigration, Germany has a diverse society and is home to a variety of cultures,
  • Germany is in an advantageous and central geographic position in Germany and is home to numerous trade fairs and conferences.

However, there are also challenges in starting and maintaining a business in Germany.

  • Starting and registering a business is a lengthy and highly bureaucratic process,
  • Language barriers can make this even more complicated,
  • Generally, laws, especially tax laws, can be complicated to understand.

For these reasons, experienced counsel on the ground in Germany can be crucial. Our multilingual lawyers at Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte are here to help you through the legal and bureaucratic processes in many languages to avoid misunderstandings with authorities. Contact us now to get connected with our immigration lawyers and start discussing business immigration to Germany.

Requirements to Obtain the Entrepreneur Visa

The requirements for a self-employment residence permit are as follows:

  • There needs to be an economic interest or a regional need for the business in Germany,
  • funding must be secured and
  • the business must likely create a positive impact on the economy.
  • Additionally, applicants over 45 years of age must provide proof of pension.

For more detailed info visit our page about Business Immigration Germany.

Frequently asked questions about the Entrepreneur Visa

Yes, both terms describe the Residence Permit according to § 21 of the Residence Act.  

It is initially valid for three years. It can be extended if your business is successful. After three years you can also apply for a permanent residence permit.

The amounts can change but usually a residence permit costs around 100€.

Read more about the procedure of obtaining an Entrepreneur Visa here.

Yes, you can. No language skills are required for the Entrepreneur Visa.

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